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Your one-stop shop for all product sourcing needs in India


We are a team of enthusiastic, reliable and trustworthy individuals with over 10 years of product sourcing experience. We are well versed in communicating in English and Hindi and have previously worked with over 100 manufacturers from India. We have worked with numerous clients from India, USA, UK, Canada, China, Germany, Australia, etc.

Quality communication is the foundation of our client relationships. Your questions, needs, and standards will be fully honored and understood.

About Us


Trusted Years


Satisfied Customers






understanding the client's requirement


We start off by carefully understanding and analyzing our client’s expectations and requirements and formulate a strategy on how we plan to meet these goals.


Detailed Study of the Product

We carry out an in-depth inspection of the product our clients are looking to procure along with all aspects such as the grade of raw materials that need to be used, certifications etc.


This helps us understand each element that goes into developing the product and expectations in terms of



manufacturer research

We have previously worked with over 100 manufacturers from Indian and US across numerous industries and have an existing database of more than 300 manufacturers.

These manufacturers hold the highest reputation and goodwill within their respective industries.

In the event of associating ourselves with new manufacturers, we carry out an extensive due diligence exercise and verify client testimonials before getting them on board. This assures that our clients only work with the top manufacturers.


pricing and negotiations

We strive to achieve the most cost effective deals for our clients as they trust us to be a part of their team in getting the best pricing possible.


In order to achieve this, we reach out to manufacturers across the country for which we are well versed in communicating in a majority of regional languages which ensures effective communication and reduces the risk of dissemination.


pre-production samples

After carrying out adequate manufacturer research and negotiations to ensure our client’s target price is met, we shortlist 3-4 of the most suitable manufacturers.


We obtain pre-production samples from these manufacturers for our client’s inspection as well as ours.


We believe samples are of utmost importance as our clients can see, touch, feel as well as provide feedback regarding any modifications that are needed to the product before proceeding with bulk production.


quality control and physical inspection

We have a pan India presence that enables us to appoint independent third party to carry out in-depth quality control and inspection procedures at all manufacturer facilities.


This ensures the quality of the product for each consignment is as per laid down and agreed expectations.


shipping and logistics

We also help assist our clients with various aspects of shipping and logistics which include:


- Calculation of freight forwarding expenses


- Warehouse Rental


- Assistance with customs duties, clearances, obtaining requisite shipping   documents by connecting our clients directly with our shipping partners.



  • Diamond and Gemstones

  • Jewelry - Gold, Silver, Platinum

  • Diamond Cutting Blades

  • Copper

  • Zinc

  • Cane

  • Bamboo

  • Cork

  • Hemp

  • Ceramic

  • Clay

  • Marble

  • Jute

  • Hemp

  • Bricks

  • Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Products

  • Pet Products

  • Textiles - Fabric, Apparel, Tapestries

  • Cotton

  • Leather

  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

  • Wood - Handicrafts, Furniture

  • MDF

  • Indian Handicrafts

  • Tibetan Bronze Singing Bowls

  • Aluminium - Foil & Containers

  • Galvanised, Stainless Steel

  • Sheet Metals

  • Copper

  • Cutlery

  • Packaging

  • Stickers & Labels

  • Back Support Belts

  • Brass Tools

  • FRP Domes

  • Rice Husk, Bamboo, Areca

  • Palm Tableware

  • Kitchenware

  • Glass / Barware

  • Spices

  • Tea & Coffee

  • Coconut Shells

  • Polyester

  • Plastic

  • Marble

  • Bricks

  • Tires - HCV, LCV, Rubber

  • Paper

  • Equipment - Camping, Sporting

  • Children's Playground

  • Gardening Equipment

  • Glass

  • Cosmetics

  • Essential Oils

  • Toys - Recreational & Educational

  • Home Décor

  • Promotional / Corporate Gifts

  • Hardware Tools

  • Diesel Engines

  • Face Mask, PPE Kits

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Simple Sourcing is just fantastic. They are extremely trustworthy, and extremely well connected in India. I couldn't ask for anything more in an Indian sourcing partner (and I've tried a few). Highly recommend. 

Varsha and her team provided everything as promised and worked very efficiently. Great communication skills. 

 Robert Barnsworth

Suvrat is a well networked, high energy partner. As someone from the U.S. I am extremely grateful to have someone like Suvrat available for feet on the ground in India. Looking forward to working together again. 


Bruce Hoffmann

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